Thursday, April 5, 2012


I'm obsessed with spray painting random things, and sometimes those things should just be left alone. 

A few years ago I started collecting candlesticks from local thrift stores to put together a spray-painted collection like this...

...but after a poor paint job {see above}, the candlestick collection never made it's debut. During a little Spring cleaning last weekend I discovered two of these candlesticks, and in an effort to save them I started to lightly sand the silver spray paint to prepare them for yet another coat {I was thinking a bright yellow this time around}. However, I discovered that this sanding method created a beautiful aged affect, so I decided to leave them alone. 

I've learned from this experience that I don't have to spray paint every thrift store find. Having said that...I'm excited to have discovered a new antique finish technique that might come in handy in the future! 

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