Saturday, November 3, 2012


I can't believe how quickly October came and went. I thought it was just a few days ago that I noticed the leaves starting to change. But I suppose I always feel this way when I begin to dread the cold winter months.

Last week Miguel hurt his leg resulting in a pretty horrifying trip the animal hospital. Luckily it was just a strain, but I'm sure he's not going to forgive me for that visit. At least I got to take home a healthy dog and the cutest x-ray I've ever seen!

Words cannot describe the cuteness that goes on in my house with these two.

Costume #1: Goth Doll...pardon my Zoolander/Blue Steel expression as I attempt to capture the sadness of my doll character. 

As the winds of hurricane Sandy neared the east coast, we spent Monday afternoon in the yard packing up patio furniture and loose materials preparing for the worst. I'm so thankful the storm was gentle with us in Western Mass, but I'm sadden by the destruction and devastation it caused to our neighboring states and the coastline. 

Wednesday was spent running errands and preparing for trick-or-treaters. By errands I mean a quick food shopping and a visit to Goodwill to see what treasures I might find. I picked up a couple glasses for $1 to hold pens and pencils at our desk, a mirrored tray for $3 and a picture frame for my Peggy Wolf print, also $3. 

Costume #2: The Gypsy {there's always a second costume each year} was thrown together in a matter of minutes so I could pass out candy with a little Halloween spirit. 

So goodbye October and hello November. I have a lot I want to accomplish this month. We are starting off with a with a new, wider driveway today, and it may even be the month our bathroom {here} gets a makeover! 

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