Tuesday, December 11, 2012

DEMO DAY {our bathroom}

It was so exciting to come home to a demolished bathroom yesterday! I was only able to see the medicine cabinet come down before leaving for work. I was surprised to see that there wasn't drywall behind it, but then again, these sort of "surprises" come up a lot in this business. 

We have a new awning window to replace this old metal framed window. The roof to our garage slopes right below this window otherwise we'd probably be adding a few feet to the length of this room. Also, when the cat is outside, this is where she sits and stares into the shower to let us know she wants to come in. Creeeeepy. 

Temporary lighting...

We ended up going with the Sterling Performa bathtub. Not my first choice, but it's economical and will function just fine. It's going to be surrounded with large white tiles and covered with a curtain most of the time...plus this is not our forever house so we didn't want to overdo it. 

We also discovered that our walls are only 2" thick throughout the house as opposed to 4". This is going to create a tricky situation for our recessed shower niches, but I'm confident we'll come up with a solution. 

In keeping with the light color palette of this space, we chose large 8 x12 white tiles for the walls. Not only were they about $16 less a square foot then the white mosaic tiles we first considered, but we won't have as many grout lines. The grout is white to match the tile, and if spaced at 1/16" we should have a look similar to this bathroom. 

Origami glass tiles will create a border and wrap the entire room...

And look something like this.

See you tomorrow with more updates!

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