Thursday, December 13, 2012

OUR BATHROOM {day three}

Things are moving along quickly in our little {and only} bathroom. Drywall and cement board is up, and the new window is in. 

I know I've talked about niches a lot in the past few days. We are planning to have three in our bathroom; two in the shower and one to the side of the toilet. So not to bore you with construction photos only, here are a few bathroom niches for your viewing pleasure.

{images via Pinterest}


  1. Nice progress! I always cringe when I go into one of our apartments that has a window in the shower because they seem to get mildewy. Have you had that issue in your bathroom?

    1. Thank you! The old window had a wood frame but wasn't too bad. This new window is vinyl and will have tile around it instead of wood.It should hold up a lot better.