Monday, December 10, 2012

OUR BATHROOM {inspiration}

As you read this, mustard yellow fixtures and tiles are being torn out of this dated bathroom. Demolition has officially begun and I can't wait to update all of you each step of the way! We've been planning and saving ever since the day we purchased the house a little over a year ago and I'm so excited that this day if finally here {see more 'before' images here}

I have to admit, putting together a plan for someone else comes easy...deciding on what I like, well that was a bit more challenging. Is it because I know of the endless possibilities? Is it because I know my style changes as often as my outfits? Probably. I know I wanted something clean, simple, modern with a touch of elegance...and that's what it'll be. The color palette is white, the fixtures are chrome and there are a few of those glamorous accents. Here are some bathrooms that have inspired our project. 

via flickr

One thing most of these images have in common is a wall-mount sink. We decided to go with the Porcher Veneto Wall-Mounted lavatory to open up the floor space in the bathroom. This eliminated storage under the sink, but we really only used it for cleaning products. Instead we are going to add wall cabinets above the doorway for those once-in-awhile items.  

via Porcher

Now if only I didn't have to go to work today!

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