Monday, January 21, 2013

REMEMBER ME {and our bathroom}?

Hello and sorry for the long absence! I know I left everyone hanging with the progress of our bathroom remodel. It was completed just before New Years, and besides a little touch up paint here and there, all that's left to do is accessorize. So far we've bought two shower curtains which are...nice...but lacking a custom or personal feel. Once I figure out how to thread my new sewing machine, I'm going to make my own. We started with this colorful paisley curtain which added a bit of a vintage feel to the space, but in such a small room, it started to feel too busy again. 

I've purchased a simple wood step stool from Amazon that will fit under the drain pipe, and allow us to access those cabinets above the doorway. It's a pretty basic design, so I'm going to give it a bit of a distressed look with a few dings and dents and sanded edges.  

Our wall niche is for extra storage if needed, but is also a nice place for decorative accessories. Because the bathroom is very sleek and modern, I want to add a few more textures to the space such as a chunky framed piece of art above the toilet. 

This empty wall may also be a good place for a few framed photos or art, but it's going to be a work in progress.  

The other shower curtain feels very fresh and clean {and yes, I ironed it, but not very well}, but still not what I had in mind. I might not be able to tell you what I had in mind, but when I see it, I'll know.  

Shower curtain or not, it's still an amazing space compared to what is was!

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