Monday, June 17, 2013


These shades of blue-green will always be a favorite of mine 

{images via Pinterest}

Thursday, June 6, 2013


I've been working on one of my biggest, most important projects to date...I'm just over 6 months pregnant with our first little one. It hasn't been an easy journey {morning sickness...morning, noon and night for 4 months}, which is why I've abandoned Solo Thais for so long. I'm in the homestretch and feeling really good these days...excited for this new chapter in our lives. Preparing for the baby to arrive at the end of August has increased our To-Do list, so we are tackling as much as we can over the next three months. And don't worry...nursery updates will soon follow. 

The first project recently completed {which I actually can't take credit for} was the removal of 4 rhododendron bushes along our back fence. At first we just wanted to trim them back, but the more we cut, the more we liked what we saw. We ended up removing 4 out of the 5 bushes revealing 160 square feet of usable yard space. 



Soon after the area was cleared my mom came over and planted a bunch of perennials that she split up from her garden. Thanks Mom!

And although the week of heavy rain put a damper on our plans, it sure helped speed up the growing process and our yard looks amazing!